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How to Copy an OGIBiz Website

Do you see a website you would like to build your's on?
Great! All you need is the Page Code of the webpage you want to copy and you are on your way!

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Step 1

You need the Page Code of the original page you want to copy.

In the “Advanced Options” of all pages you will find an option to allow copying of the page.

By selecting Yes, you will get a unique Page Code for this page (remember to Save in order to store the change)

Now you can use this Page Code to create copies of this page!

Step 2

Now you need to use this Page Code in one of your existing pages to create a copy of the original page.

In an already existing Homepage, activate the Website Wizard editor and you will see a “Copy Existing Page” button at the top of your website editor.

This button is also available in all subpages with type “Custom Page”.

Click on the button and enter the Page Code, then click Copy.


Keep in mind that this will replace everything on your page and that you cannot copy a subpage into your homepage
(you can only copy another homepage into your homepage)

If you are copying from another website, don’t forget that images still remain in the account of the original website.
If they are removed from there, they will also no longer be available in your website.